Haley Johnsen is a Portland, Oregon-born musician with a knack for genre-bending and a hard-earned career path that is uniquely her own.

Raised listening to powerhouse singers such as Brandi Carlile, Grace Potter, and Annie Lennox, her greatest inspirations become apparent in her stunning vocals, introspective lyricism, and cross-pollinated style of indie-pop, and Americana music.

Haley has the type of showmanship that is electric, earnest, and whole heartedly endearing. With or without a band, you can be sure to leave her shows with a smile on your face while whiping tears from your eyes. 

American Songwriter

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“In gushes of insecurities and yearnings for the better parts of life, Goner wades through mental peaks of clarity, breaking from confinement from the country-leaned ballad “Emily” to the uptempo drum-filled “Focus,” featuring whispers of what sounds like retro Casio loop effects.  Memorandums on letting go fuel “Higher” and “Timeless” and transition through the more easy listening of love-lined “Falling Anyway” and “Make it Heaven” and the acoustic pine of the closer “Stopped Making Sense.”


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“With a retro-future sound and a penchant for the originally creative, Haley gives a solidly downhome yet out of the box sonic presentation with a monster hook subtly played in the key of cool. Take from this what you will, but you will be left more energetic and inspired after that first listen.”

of Sound

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“This atmospheric love song from Portland-based singer-songwriter Haley Johnsen feels a bit like if a Brandi Carlile track met a Maggie Rogers original.”

“Calling to mind the likes of Kacey Musgraves, HAIM, and Caroline Palachek, “Goner” is an existential crisis bottled up in a tight four-minute pop song. Johnsen spills raw fears and insecurities into a wondrous, tight chorus full of lush passion and sweetly seductive energy.”

1st Day Fresh

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“Haley Johnsen has just shared a heartfelt Americana-dipped indie pop single called “Emily”. The stunning song is all about not giving up and encouraging the ones you love to keep going.”